Zenfolio | Lost Art Photography By Suzanne McNicol | Photo Shoot Tips



 Preparing for a photo shoot can be nerve-wracking so here are some

simple tips to make the process more relaxing and enjoyable

*Wear clothing that makes you feel great!

        Tip: Solid colors tend to be less distracting in photographs but still keep your own style

         * Be aware of windy environments and dresses :)

 *Bring items such as jewelry, that are fun or meaningful, to include in the photos...

       Tip: Chalk signs, jewelry, toys, etc

*If your shoot is one hour a style change might not be realistic, if it is a 1-2 hour session try choosing different locations and/ or doing outfit changes. This is a great idea for engagement photos, or portraits on your own, to add diversity. 

*Kids generally can get antsy in front of the camera so lets make it fun!

        Tip:Bringing things they enjoy can make them calmer...toys, food, candy, blankets, etc.

*Feel free to email me ahead of time with any questions...

*Please note payment is expected prior to your shoot beginning, an invoice will be emailed prior to shoot for your records.

Please note only cash, or direct bank transfers, are accepted at this time.